Due to harsh Winter and several family and professional obligations, flights were suspended with the air fleet at bay.

      Finally the eagerly expected Spring knocked at the door!

      The first flight sorties took place on Sunday 11th of March!  Achilleas and Dimitris with the Beaver checked and its batteries fully charged after a three months period in storage mode, spend some happy hours in Amygdaleonas Military airfield.  

      The powerful and trustworthy MVVS 35cc came to life almost immediately (considering the four months hibernation). The weather on Sunday was perfect with clear visibility, a blazing sun and temperature up to 16ο C. The wind was blowing from S to N with speed varying from 5 to 6 Beaufort with sudden gusts which were no match for the sturdy Beaver.

      Achilleas was the pilot who after the first introductive/warming flight, flew the obedient Beaver to its limits, with tight high G turns, Snap rolls, Immelmanns and close to the tarmac inverted passes!  

     Due to the more than sufficient wind, no flaps were activated during the landings because the Beaver΄s 2,44 m wingspagenerates plentyof lift on any given occasion.     

      All and all a classic beautiful aeromodelling Sunday!! We wish HAPPY FLIGHTS AND SAFE LANDINGS TO EVERYONE!

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