Finally came the day for the first flights of our newly transformed Beaver. The detailed pre-flight preparations proved their usefulness. The weather at Amygdaleonas airfield area was ideal with a merely 2 BF South – East wind.

     The improvised hangar!…. was erected, the airplane assembled and refueled. A few pre flight checks (and photos) and on to the runway!  

      After a final engine test, with the MVVS 35cc running effortlessly between 1300 to 6750 r.p.m’s, the throttle stick was advanced and the Beaver was airborne flawlessly.

            Some DOWN ELEVATOR trim (2 clicks) was applied but except that, the airplane gave nothing else than pleasure in flying. The setup was that of its manufacturer such as:


      The Hitec Aurora 9x computer radio provided in this occasion as with the rest of the Rc Kavala Acro Team aircrafts, numerous user-friendly mixes.

      In this case two mixes were activated. The first one (AILERON – RUDDER) was applied to ease the aircraft’s tendency to stall during steep turns. The second (FLAPS – ELEVATOR) was used to compensate the apply of flaps during landing. In both cases the amount of travel of the SLAVE channel was no more than 5% of its full movement.

      The 550cc tank with the throttle position usually at high….gave 10 minutes of stress-free flight time, with more than 2 minutes reserve (just in case)….

      The first landing was executed with FLAPS UP and the Beaver nevertheless came in for a slow speed landing. During the rest of today’s landing’s, the FLAPS were at the DOWN position by 35% of their travel value, which was more than enough for some Beaver style landings!  

      At noon time I took the way back home thinking that today was one of these soul pleasing and rewarding Sunday mornings!  

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  1. Thanasis

    Congratulations to my good friend Dimitris. His title “chief engineering” was not given for nothing…It is earned by his impressive skill.
    Keep on amazing us…

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