Are carbon fiber (CF) propellers better than wooden propellers? When choosing props, not only we need to consider the size and pitch of the props, we also need to choose the type of material, carbon fiber, wooden props etc. Carbon fiber props are almost twice as expensive as the common wooden props, but it’s promoted to have better performance. They are quieter due to being stiffer but better depends on the engine, model, altitude and style of flying. Some prefer wood over carbon, its suits their needs. So is that true? What are the pros and cons of the CF and wooden props?




Carbon Fiber Propeller - Rc Kavala Acro team

By a Carbon Fiber (CF) propeller here

       Pros: Much “rigid” structure, causing less flexion and higher propulsion under charge, much resistant to wear.

       Cons: Heavier, costs much more, dangerous in case of breakage. Because of its rigidity, in case of an accidental contact with the ground, the force of the impact will be transferred immediately to the engine’s crankshaft with catastrophic results.

       Also in some cases failure of the propeller’s back plate has been reported. The carbon backing plate is compressed some and causes the prop bolts to loosen up. Once that happens, there is a strong chance of the bolts breaking and causing the damage.


Wood Propeller - Rc Kavala Acro Team

By a wood propeller here

      Pros: Lighter, cheaper, less “dangerous” in case of breakage.

      Cons: Flexes much more under dynamic charge, less resistant to wear.


The choice is yours!

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  1. max reason

    Add “hybrid propellers” that have a wood core with carbon fiber or kevlar wrapped around the wood core.

    1. Sokratis

      The carbon fiber propeller with balsa core (Hybrid), is specifically designed for heavy-duty motors. It is good for practice before using expensive propellers. The perfect choice for low budget!

      – High toughness
      – Great torsional strengh
      – Lighter and tougher than ordinary whole carbon fiber propeller

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