Flying fields

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           The Rc Kavala Acro Team uses primarily two flying fields, together with the other local aeromodellers. The first one which is located at a distance of 15 km from the city of Kavala in North East Greece, has an asphalt runway of 120×20 metres and it is mainly used for flying electrics and glow planes and helicopters. In this field, the team΄s pilots practise in aerobatics flying an electric plane (Typhoon from Hobbyking).

flying fields-ludia

flying fields-ludia

41ο  00΄ 51΄΄ N 

24ο  15΄ 42΄΄ E

        The second field which is significantly bigger, is a non active military airfield with an asphalt runway of 1800×60 metres, at a distance of approximately 5km from Kavala city nearby the village of Amygdaleona. This airfield accommodates the gas airplanes of the team, along with gas and jet airplanes of other local aeromodellers.

40ο  58΄ 20΄΄ N

24ο  20΄ 33΄΄ E

           Except the above, one more 800×20 metres asphalt runway is used from time to time. It is located at a distance of 42 Km northwest of the city of Kavala, nearby the small town of Prosotsani. It is the homebase of the local Ultra Lights Club, whose very friendly pilots share with us the runway in many occasions.

flying fields-Sitagroi

flying fields-Sitagroi

41ο  07΄ 39΄΄ N

24ο  00΄ 52΄΄ E