Konstantinos our Team΄s chief logistics decided that the time has come to switch from virtual Rc simulator flights to the real stuff!

      Having this in mind, a pilot-friendly electric TRAINSTAR was obtained from HOBBYKING.        

H-King Trainstar Tough Trainer 1400mm (PNF) - RC Kavala Acro Team

H-King Trainstar Tough Trainer 1400mm (PNF) - RC Kavala Acro Team

      This model features a blow molded fuselage with internal ply reinforcement – it is tough! The wing is resilient EPO foam with internal spars for additional strength. This version is a complete ready to fly (RTF) package that includes all the equipment needed to assemble the model to a flyable state. It even includes a screwdriver and Allen Keys! There is even the option to add flaps at a later stage if you wish because the hardware to do so is also included, just add an additional 2 mini servos.


             Wing span: 1400mm

             Length       : 1060mm

             Battery      : 1800mAh 3s (11.1v) (included)

             Motor        : 850Kv Outrunner (included)

             ESC            : 30 amps (Included)

             Weight      : 1300g 

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       In our TRAINSTAR the flaps were not activated, something that it is planned to happen in the future when Konstantinos will master the already superb handling characteristics of the TRAINSTAR.

       Yesterday 15th of March, at about 10 a.m Konstantinos and Dimitris arrived at the LYDIA flying field of the local aeromodelling club whish was empty as Thursday is a normal working day, equipped with two 1800 mAh Li-Po batteries and a field charger. The weather was excellent with a 2 Beaufort wind speed from S to N and a clear sunbathed sky which welcomed us!

      The transformation of Konstantinos from a Rc simulator pilot to a real world one, was astonishing! With a deep knowledge of the principles of flight and sporadic (helped by Dimitris and Sokratis acting as instructors) flights in the past, Konstantinos tamed almost immediately the TRAINSTAR!

      Four flights were executed by Konstantinos, dedicated to expert himself to landings (the most demanding part of a flight) with continuous approaches, touch and goes and turnarounds. Surprisingly, helped by the TRAINSTAR΄S excellent performance most of them were of textbook style!

WELL DONE Konstantinos!

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