The Modeling Association of Northern Greece is a non-profit legal entity of Private Law. It was founded in 1999 initially under the name “Association of the Historical Miniature of Thessaloniki, Pegasus” and in 2001 its name was changed to “Modeling Association of Northern Greece Pegasus”. It has more than 200 active members.

      The objective of the club is the dissemination of static modeling in all its forms and more specifically in the construction and painting of exhibits such as: Figures, Military and Civilian Vehicles, Military and Civilian Airplanes, all kinds of maquets, Military and Civilian ships and Fantastic Vehicles.

      Pegasus Club took part at the 6th KAVALA AIRSEA SHOW as a part of the 18th National modeling exhibition invited by the Kavala Modelers Club.

      This year from 25-26 November, Pegasus Club organized a very interesting exhibition in Thessaloniki Town Hall.

      Below are some photos from the state of the art exhibits.

      Konstantinos, our Logistics Chief payed a visit and had the opportunity to enjoy the art of modeling and to meet and spend some fruitful time with Hellenic Air Force Second Lieutenant (Engineer) Dimitrios Palasis (second from the left) the creator of the famous artistic ΄΄ZEUS΄΄ theme on the F-16 (block 52) of the Hellenic Air Force Demo Team.


      Dimitrios Palasis contribution to the exhibition was a superbly detailed Ju-82 (Stuka) and an equally state of the art Salamander both in 1/32 scale.

      The Salamander received the Gold Medal and the Ju-82 the Silver in their categories! 

      The meeting with Dimitrios Palasis took place at the exhibition stand of ΄΄MILIPRINT΄΄ which founder and owner Dimitrios Stathopoulos is the creator and main distributor of the ZEUS Demo Team advertising material. The ΄΄’MILIPRINT΄΄ Company depicts world-class military and historical themes.

      Among others, Dimitrios Stathopoulos (first ftrom the left) is the creator of our Rc Acro Team outfit which is going to be released shortly.

      It must be said that it was one of these family style, aviation lovers event!  We will be there next year!

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