Always adhere by the engine΄s manufacturer specifications and suggestions and always balance your props and spinners before use!

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  1. Bob Marino

    The prop nut on a super cyclone.60. Need to remove it. CW or CCW? It’s on very tight. Making a display to honor my older brother who used Cyclone .60’s for his line control planes. I was his “holder” back in the 50’s.
    Also going to run it. Wish me luck!

  2. Dimitrios Katsoulis

    Dear Bob we are not sure if the prop nut is CW or CCW. It should be a normal CCW prop nut as the engine wasn’t used as a pusher as we underestand. Nevertheless there are two ways to remove it. First spray enough quantity of WD 40 or equivalent and let it infiltrate for some time. Then try to remove it by turning it first CCW (as you see the engine from the front). If no luck, then try CW. The next step if the above proves to be non effective, is more or less the same but this time use a flame torch and warm gently ONLY the prop nut. Try as before, first CCW and then CW. We wish you success! P.S The honor to your older brother is very touching!

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