Balancing and Power supply cables



      There are four (4) types of balancing cables, so it is advisable to know the exact cable type that your charger uses, so that when a new battery will be purchased it will match with the chargers cable.


      This is the most common type of cable. It can be found at the following battery branch names: Great Planes, Turnigy, NanoTech, Trinity, E-flite, Common Sense RC, Dualsky, Esky, Electrifly, Rhino, Venom, Zippy, Align, Losi. 

      Adaptors (AB clips) can be very useful in balancing cables handling.



      It can be found at: Thunder Power, Flight Power, Apex, EVO, MPX, Outrage, e.t.c.


      It can be found at: Polyquest, E-tec, True RC, Extreme power, Impulse, Enermax, Hyperion, Xcite, Fliton, κ.α.


      Not so widely used, it can be found at: ΚΟΚΑΜ, Graupner, Neu Core, Apogee Robbe Vampower. e.t.c.



      There are various types depending on the need for electrical current (Amps). The most common types are:


      This power supplier is capable of providing up to  5 Amps constant load. It can be found in low capacity batteries (up to 1500 mAh) intended for small size models and power supply of the onboard electronics (receivers, servos, gyros, e.t.c)


      Deans cables are very common in RC batteries, being able to provide up to 80 Amps constant load.


      Also commonly used with 60 Amps constant load ability. Maybe the only choice for high current due to greater contact surface.


      A longer version of the EC3 which is suitable  for up to 120 Amps.

      heXTronic XT-60

      Similar to EC3 but gold plated for better conductivity and better performance up to 65 Amps (constant).

      heXTronic XT-90

      Similar to XT-60 but with better performance up to 90+ Amps (constant).

      heXTronic XT-150

      Similar to XT-90 but with better performance up to 150+ Amps (constant).


      This style of high-current connector is commonly used with the 7.2V battery packs that power many RC cars and airsoft guns.  The connector, sometimes called Tamiya or Kyosho, is keyed so that power cannot be reversed. A latch secures the connection so that it will not become disconnected. They come in two sizes, standard and mini. 


      They are solemnly used in Traxxas electric and boats. Supply capability up to 100 Amps.


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