As a resposible pilot, before you transport your precious model to the local flying field, take a look at your local weather forecast and the Beaufort scale that you have in your workshop! Use your wise judgment to avoid flying with winds that are listed at the higher levels of the Beaufort scale. 

       If you decide to fly then its good to do the following:

          1. Never try to taxi across wind. Carry it out to the takeoff point, point into the wind and fly.
          2. Never let the plane get downwind.
          3. Once it’s landed, keep it pointing into the wind.
          4. Approach it to pick it up from the downwind side. This can mean walk to the downwind side so your turbulence won’t affect it.
          5. Never try to turn the plane when it’s on the ground. Keep the nose into the wind.      Some say:  If you don’t fly in adverse conditions, you won’t learn to fly. The desicion is yours…

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