Wheel chocks are one of the essential pieces of ground equipment for every aircraft. They are widely used from every aircraft owner or aircrafts ground crews either military or civilian, as they prevent them from moving until they are ready to move.

      A methodical RC aircraft owner should follow the same safety rules for his RC aircraft either during transportation to and from the airfield, or in the pit area. In both areas, your RC model aircraft needs to be secured from accidental movement.


      There are plenty of designs in the RC market and more homemade. Which one is most suitable for your precious bird, depends on the size of the model aircraft, ease of use, price (if you have to buy it) and personal taste!



      Having this in mind we decided to construct our own wheel chocks especially for our giant YAK 54. Scavenging though our workshop spares and using our modeler’s inventiveness we found the necessary materials. In this case they were no more than a long piece of plastic stick with triangle shape and a piece of aluminum rode, relic from an old TV antenna. We decided to paint them red so a ca spray completed the set.n

      Four pieces of 10cm long each were cut out of the plastic stick. The aluminum rode was 6mm of diameter so equivalent holes were drilled on one end of each of the four stick pieces.

      Each aluminum rod was bended at both its ends at a length of 30mm and inserted into the awaiting holes of the sticks.

      This is how they looked (unpainted)

      Next step was to take the aluminum rods off and spray paint the four pieces.

      Wait to dry completely, then insert the rods and finalize the quick project by adding 2 drops of CA in each hole to strengthen the bond.

      Simple in design and construction but at the same time effective! Easy and quick placement and removal!


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