You can tell how long one is a Rc modeler, or to rate his model but these measurements have little or no significance at all. It is given that a Rc modeler feels joy and pleasure from the building process and flying his pride and joy which is his precious Rc model. Whether his is happy or not, depends on his attitude, on his Positive or Negative thinking.

    Positive thinking has the modeler who:

  • Feels better when he sees someone else’s model flying better than his own.
  • Feels better when he assists a fellow modeler, even if the last will at some point overcome him.
  • Feels passion about the hobby / sport and dedicates himself to its expansion and improvement.
  • Learns from his mistakes and makes himself better.

    So it is easy to say that a modeler who thinks POSITIVELY about himself and his fellow pilots is always HAPPY!

    On the antipode a NEGATIVELY thinking modeler is the one who:

  • Asks to be a member of his local club in order to be able to legally ΄΄fight΄΄ from the inside.
  • He doesn’t take part in the club’s happenings so he may say that the club ΄΄doesn’t exist΄΄.
  • He doesn’t take part in the elections for the club command team, but at same time he growls because his place was taken theoritically by deceit.
  • Instead of offering his energy, he spends it by undermining others achievements.
  • He comes to the area where a Rc event is taking place, not to be a part of it, but to look for reasons to cancel it.
  • If he doesn’t takes 1st place, then he spreads out that the event was fake.
  • He hides himself because he doesn’t possess the valence to congratulate the winner.
  • As a criterion of the competition and acceptance, he considers the receipt from the store where he has bought his ARF model from.
  • He enjoys himself when someone else’s model crashes.

  • He bypasses the safety rules in order to forces us to deal with him.
  • He judges everything and everyone but he doesn’t accept criticism usually having nothing to present that is worth criticism.
  • When he runs out of arguments then low level humor, threats and finally curses are his hideout.
  • He blames and curses safely hidden behind a pseudonym.
  • He avoids the clubs organized members on purpose, but at the same time he grievances that he receives no help at all.
  • Your opinion is correct as long as it matches his.
  • The more his is being ignored, the more he reacts and exposes himself.
  • Whatever is being said, even the most irrelevant is being taken as a personal comment by him.
  • The less he knows, the more he talks in order for the last word to be said by him.
  • He is used by others as a vanguard and financer to serve their plots.

    A NEGATIVE thinking modeler CAN NOT be the same or always happy, as his POSITIVE thinking counterpart.



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