1. A model airplane on the ground is safe, but models are not made to stay grounded!

     2. It’s preferable to crash your model on a distant fence with low speed, than on a close one with full speed!

      3. It’s better to have to walk 100 meters to recover your model in one piece, than to walk 1 meter and recover it in one hundred pieces!

      4. Most accidents occur because the pilot has performed something too ΄΄big΄΄ very fast and something ΄΄small΄΄ followed later!

      5. Fly your model with your brain NOT with your hands!

      6. There are two types of Rc models. Those that YOU fly them, and those that THEY fly you!

      7. There are not natural born pilots!

      8. The worst day in airfield is far better than the best day in work!

      9. Designing a model is serious business. Constructing it is of great importance. Flying it is EVERYTHING!

      10. Outstanding pilots are those who make proper use of their correct judgment in order to avoid incidents where they will be forced to use their outstanding skills!

      11. The airplane is an (almost) perfect machine. It just does not possess the ability to FORGIVE!

      12. It is said that the sky is the limit. For those who love the airplanes the sky is their HOME!

      13. Never put the blame on the airplane, but always on the pilot or the builder!

      14. TAKE OFF is optional, LANDING is mandatory!

      15. Which is the best model airplane? The one that goes home in one piece!

      16. Model airplanes that are being flown belong to two categories: Those that have been crashed and those that will crash!

      17. The more model airplanes you have the less are the chances for your wife to realize that you just bought a new one!

      18. When you fly inverted, DOWN is UP and UP is EXPENSIVE!

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    1. Dimitrios Katsoulis

      Hi Stephen
      Indeed almost every one of us can see itself in them, regardless where we come from! Our magnificent hobby is one of a kind!
      Fly hard….land safe!

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