As ostrich keeps sticking her head into the ground thinking that no one is watching her, so Rc modellers should realize that keeping their eyes shut to an accident they don’t prevent it from happening.

      The accident is ALWAYS WHERE WE ARE and it is watching us!

      Safety is a specified objective, consistent and feasible and begins from each modeller’s workshop because plenty of potentially lethal weapons consist its arsenal!        

      Don’t transform your hideaway, your ΄΄paradise΄΄your workshop, into something to be avoid. 

      Based on simple logic and mature thinking take all the necessary measures and precautions to prevent yourself from getting into a harm’s way.

Eye protection

      Protect your most precious of all your eyes by wearing safety goggles.


3M Polycarbonate Safety Glasses with Grey Tinted Lens - RC Kavala Acro Team

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       Sharp tools handling

      All kinds of tools if handled in the wrong way, can cause minor or major injures. X-acto and saws are designed to cut through hard materials so your fingers are an easy opponent!



X-BLADE Precision Knife with Replaceable SK-5 Blade - RC Kavala Acro Team

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      The use of cut resistance gloves would be a good practice!



High Performance Anti-Cut Gloves HPPE Level 5 Protection - RC Kavala Acro Team

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 Bench drill

      A valuable but powerful tool at the same time. Be careful, protect your hands and eyes.


Heat producing tools

      The soldering iron, the heat gun and the covering iron, in order to produce the necessary thermal energy are connected to a -need to be respected- electrical source either 110 or 220 V AC.

Soldering iron

Soldering Station with Adjustable Heat Range with EU Plug - RC Kavala Acro Team

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      Fully operational, it can produce substantial amount of heat which can reach up to 350 o C / 6620 F.

Heat gun



Digital Heat Gun - RC Kavala Acro Team

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Dual Power Heat Gun 750W/1500W Output (230V/50HZ version) - RC Kavala Acro Team

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      Heat guns are power tools used for both commercial and personal projects. While the commercial versions are a bit more powerful and slightly more expensive than the home versions, the range still isn’t very big. Most heat guns have a minimum temperature of around 120 degrees Fahrenheit (49 degrees Celsius), although a few start even lower at 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius). The top temperature of a heat gun typically reaches around 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit (593 degrees Celsius), although some get even hotter. For most heat gun uses, 750 degrees Fahrenheit (399 degrees Celsius) will suffice.

Monocote covering iron

Turnigy Covering Film Iron - RC Kavala Acro Team

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      It reaches temperatures up to 180 o C / 3500 F with harmful results if come in contact with bare skin.

      The use of a pair of heat resistance gloves is something you may think of.

Adhesives and lacquers.

      Adequate ventilation is basic when they are used.

      Keep in mind that modern cyan instant glues are extreme powerful and bond skin or eyelids within seconds.  


Insta-Cure Super Thin CA Glue - RC Kavala Acro TeamBy an instant glue here

      Keep yourself focused. When your are performing delicate tasks don’t permit (if possible) anyone to distract you.

      Having so many flammable materials in your workshop special attention must be paid to fire protection! Always have handy at least one fire extinguisher properly serviced and checked and get to know its usage.      

      Rc modeling is up to now one of the safest hobbies around the world so let’s try to keep it that way!

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